when you are bad at guitar playing
I'm so bad at guitar i'm guitarded
by waghghgh April 05, 2008
someone who can't play guitar hero
look at how guitarded he is. he sucks.
by rachellethequeen February 11, 2008
some one who thinks they can play the guitar but really suck ass...
damn that guitarded SOB couldn't play for shit
by kyle goodnight August 27, 2007
a stupid guy who trolls the internet, and say all music is crap except kurt cobain.
guitarded: im so stupid
other guy: yes we know that.
by digurl July 13, 2005
One who is completely lacking in Guitar Hero skills.
Dude, is that guy drunk or is he just guitarded?
by Bigbillystyle December 15, 2007
When your eyes get disoriented from playing too much Guitar Hero.
{After a few hours of Guitar Hero};

"Dude, is that picture moving?"
"Naw, you just got guitarded!"
by sup brah December 10, 2007
A middle-aged guy that injures his rotator cuff playing Guitar Hero for the kids.
Andy blew his rotator cuff playing Guitar Hero. He is Guitarded.
by Stuglyiiry June 04, 2007
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