Sucking at guitar despite years of practice.
Dude did Jimmy just start playing guitar?

No, he's been playing for 4 years!

Awwh, poor kid must be guitarded
by damngurlhowufitindemjeans November 14, 2011
A person who is great at Guitar Hero but cannot acctually play a real guitar.
Joe: "Yes! I got 100% on this song in Guitar Hero!"
Jim: "Sorry what was that? I was trying to play this song on my real guitar."
Joe: "Oh wow, I could never play one of those! Too many colors to press at once!"
Jim: "You are Guitarded."
by ThisNameHasNotBeenTaken October 16, 2010
1. The act of being mentally altered and attempting to play more than you can with a guitar.

2. When the drummer in your band mis-speaks and is caught and the rest of the guys morph the word into something stoneriphic
When i tried to play that solo i got all "guitarded"
by Aggressive Betty February 02, 2006
To have no dexterity at the Playstation 2 game guitar hero 1 or 2.

To be just plain bad and have no talent at guitar hero, like Mrs. Peck.
Mrs. Peck did an abysmal job at guitar hero 2, she got booed off of the stage so fast, i swear that she's guitarded.
by Steven "Poseidon" Segura March 20, 2007
Someone who plays guitar but doesn't practice enough to learn it well.
Scott: You've been playing guitar for 5 years now and you still don't know any chords?

Barry: I'm guitarded I guess...
by Vandrandelik January 04, 2010
someone who is terrible at Guitar hero or real guitar.
"dude, give up trying to play 'Through the fire and the flames' on expert. You're guitarded!"
by Violet Schwayze May 22, 2009
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