A retard who plays the guitar.

Pronounced "g-ee-tard" - with a hard "g", and emphasis on the "ee" sound.

Applies particularly if excessive guitar-playing has caused or contributed to the retardation.
Chuck has been playing Smoke On The Water for the last seven hours.

What a guitard!
by Pipe Downn October 12, 2008
Top Definition
One who sucks at playing guitar.
I totally messed up those chord changes, I'm such a guitard!
by Katie Bustard March 21, 2006
Idiots who think they know something about guitars, when they dont know anything about it.

Guitards say: "Hey im going to strum the bridge pickup, playing on the seventh string on the 33rd fret to make an a9 chord."
by AJ Batista September 14, 2008
retards who hang out at guitar.com
stfu you guitards

you still shit your diapers
by swallow my meat April 30, 2004
Someone that is or acts like a retarded guido.

adj. form: guitarded
Did you see those two guitards get into it outside the club...right in the middle of the street.

Damn...those Gotti boys are seriously guitarded.
by guitard November 24, 2009

(Noun). One who lacks, or appears to lack, the requisite cognitive development to navigate through or operate computer programs or interfaces

(adj) GUI-tarded
Hey Mike, I can't seem to find the button that let's me change the font.

Boy Derek, you certainly must be GUI-TARDED
by flylinez August 05, 2004
a guitar retard, the kind of person who has to grab a guitar no matter whos it is or where they are or whos playing it just to show off their own lack of skillz
"that guy just grabbed that other guys guitar and started playing it, he's such a guitard"
by Its Me Lenny April 10, 2009
n. 1. Someone who finds it seemingly impossible to play guitar.
2. Someone who is horrible at playing guitar.
3. A retard who can play the guitar
Conner is such a guitard
Stop playing! Your a guitard!
This guitard is AWESOME.
by Defiant Blob February 10, 2010
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