When a man on top of a lady plays her like a guitar, holding the boobs in random positions and strumming the vaginal lips.
dude, last night a played guitar hero on my wife last night. It was fucking awsome.
by A man from Africa March 12, 2008
DDR for your fingers. Has spawned an obsession over the entire country. 15 year olds who have never touched a real guitar consider it to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Guitar Hero is overrated.
by dasu dasu spinning flip etc October 28, 2007
A game that for some odd reason people seem to find amazing.

It has no realistic approach to teaching people how to play a REAL guitar, it gives kids a false sense of being able to play an instrument, they go and start a crappy band, realize it is indeed crappy, they end up shooting up drugs, get HIV, and die...

All because some ridiculous game.
Person 1: DUDE! I just got the new Guitar Hero!

Me: Which version are they on?

Person 1: 5932!

Me: Oh...can you play the guitar yet?

Person 1: No. ;_;
by Da Milkman June 04, 2009
A word which, when mentioned, causes insecure guitarists to moan like cynical old people.
'Have you played Guitar Hero ?'

'No thats rubbish, I can play a real guitar. You just play that because.... blah blah blah
by Stewart William Tuckwood January 04, 2008
A game people love to buy for any console Ps2 and up great way to have fun when your bored and to listen to great music may even make you want to get a real guitar.
"Hey, can __________ come over?" no he is playing guitar hero
by Gamerman1337 November 21, 2011
Def 1: A popular multi-platform game franchise in which you play songs on a psuedo-guitar shaped like a Gibson Les Paul. In the fashion of Dance Dance Revolution, different colored "fret" markers come down the screen at you, prompting you to press the corresponding "fret buttons" and strum the "strum bar" to play the corresponding note(s). Naturally, as with all things that get really popular, really fast, Guitar Hero gets a lot of criticism, mostly from those that have devoted their time to learning to play the real guitar. However, the people that the guitarists are making fun of aren't all those who indulge in Guitar Hero (aka GHero). They are making fun of the...

Def 2: Guitar heroes (a guitar hero, refering to a person). A guitar hero is a person who believes that mastering a song in GHero (or even, in some cases, just being able to play it in GHero) is just as good as being able to play it. Naturally, this kind of mind-set is usually limited to basement dwellers and furrys, but some guitarists think it applies to all those who play GHero. That, naturally, is not the case. All those that truly are guitar heros should, instead, become an heros.
Def 1 Ex.
Joe: Dude have you played Guitar Hero?
Schmo: Yah, it's awesome.

Def 2 Ex.
Joe: Man Schmo is such a guitar hero.
Bob: Yah I know... what a fag. He should off himself.
by Mr Wulfgar January 22, 2008
A game for retards who don't have enough musical talent to play a real guitar.
Good Song Plays


Non Fag: So what queer any retard can play a stupid fucking stick with 5 buttons.
by AnalRape July 22, 2007
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