A fucking video game designed to look like the player is performing a live concert on stage (even though there is only 6 arenas or so)
Anyways, the game is wildly played at parties by some jerkoff tweens, and it is the same thing as that dance revolution game, its a slap in the face to many artists and it is insulting for real rockers, the game is so mainstream you will find it on billboards, websites, radio sations, every company is chipping in, tv, commercials it makes rock look like a fucking manufactured product, and of course-untill now-they are shoving dollar bills up every bands asses so they can sell out(which they do eventually) you like this game whatever, I don't fucking dig commercial rock, its shit it deletes its message. shit even the dead kennedys caved in and sold out, who can blame them for it, fucking lawyers made these guys assraping eachother at every sight, until they fucking rebanded to this plastic commercial shit, at least we still got jello..
Guitar Hero produces stupid mainstreamers and releases a new generation of fake ass artificial phonies, guitar hero is killing true rockers and making them just another toy of corporation greed.
by The~Intellectual~Me September 30, 2008
You guys are idiots. Guitar Hero and the "real" guitar BOTH take incredible amounts of skill. I would know; I play both. So until you can melt faces on plastic and authentic, quit trying to rag on everyone.
Guitar player: "dudeman guitar hero is so gay, itz not nearly as hxc as teh real guitar."
Guitar Hero: "stfu noob you can't five-star a song on Expert."
Rational person: "God dammit, you BOTH have skill. Quitcher bitching."
by hayguys November 02, 2007
1. Someone who has little or no life and spends most of, if not all, their time playing Guitar Hero 1 or 2.

2. Or, someone who has completed a particularly difficult song on any difficulty and won't stop bragging about it.
1. "Hey, do you know what ever happened to Dave?"

"Yeah didn't you hear, he's a guitar hero now."

2. John talked all period about his gaming prowess, he's such a fucking 'guitar hero'.
by J-Sim May 23, 2007
A simulatory game that is played on your game system using a game paddel that is in the shape of a guitar, has five buttons (called fret buttons) and a flipper that is supposed to represent all six strings in one! sounds pretty cool huh? well guess what if you have the time to dick around learning to play shit on that, that doesnt even MATCH the song, then just buy a fuckin guitar for $100 instead of the game and learn how to play that instead.
nOOb to guitar hero: WTF why dont I just run home and get my guitar so we can play a real song Mike
Guitar hero junkie: uh, duh, but we have everything that we need to play REAL guitar on my PS2!
nOOb to guitar hero: faggot..
by James TH April 02, 2007
the worst thing to happen to pop culture since menudo.
guitar hero sucks!!!
by kewl dude February 12, 2007
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