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a guini is a term for a dirty italian man. one who is considered a new imagrant to arrive in new york in the 1850's. they are best described as laud and male shovanists with greasy skin and hair large amounts of body hair and often beat their wives. with a bag full of olives.
tony the guini has a baseball bat he uses to beat his children with. or salvatore and vitto are two real old world guinies with mob connections.
by don vitto October 25, 2007
Related to gunt and gonson, when a man's gut hangs over and covers his penis.
He tried to whip it out, but his guinis kept him out of jail.
by AndyfromFL April 28, 2010
plural form of the term Guiness
I drank seven Guini at the pub last night.
by Alex Sadowski October 23, 2007
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