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1) n. A penguin, but more specifically, one that has sexual connotations.

2) v. To perform fellatio on a penguin.

3) adj. (guinly) something quin-like or guin-related
That guinly chick is a total whore. GUIN ME! Look at that guin sittin up on that bar.
by Alex Gunderson December 04, 2007
Guin originated in 1953 when two English lads got into a argument about who was more sexy. Eventualy one english lad pounced on the other english lad and began a bloody massacre that lasted 7 days and 7 nights kind of like Noahs Ark, at the end of the ruccus 1 english man arose victor and the Queen of england pronounced him "Guin" for sexy man who can kick some ass.
The dude Chris is such a guin dont you think Stigmatic?
by Tyler Hartley May 26, 2006
Who arent Sluts, Jocks, Emos
That are liked for being genuinly nice people
Wow their so nice, such guins
by YerNo October 23, 2007
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