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The guido dance is a series of alternating vertical air punches, done without moving anything else. It was invented by Russians in the Ural mountains with a downward pumping motion, but the guidos don't want you to know that. The Italians took it sometime around World War I, and used their vast network of spies to hide the existence of the more noble Ural dance.
See that moron flailing his arms in the air? Yeah, he's doing a Guido Dance.
by bad news bares November 16, 2008
"guido dance" as what guidos and guidettes call frolickin. It is kind of a dance move seen being done by mostly guidos and guidettes at a club. This dance is really attractive to both the guidos and guidettes although some people with a different lifestyle would think these people frolickin are "faggets".
Uh babe im tired doing this guido dance let's have a break make out.
by **** ****** December 11, 2005
A dance that involves greasy italians (or white guys with fake tan) with to much gel in their hair trying to stand out on the dance floor by pumping their fists in the air and mouthing words to top 40 hits. Usually noticeable by their lack of interest in the girls at the club, these 'guido dancers' are to entranced by the girlicious or kateyperry song playing at the time. Naturally, some of the most cocky people at the bar, their theme song is "make the good girls go bad" because they seem to think there 1 in 13 record is successful enough to brag about the girl that felt sorry for him, and let him buy her a drink.
man did you see that loser's guido dance, he got so shut down by that girl when he tried to drive her home in his shitty lowered prelude.
by twosneaks October 13, 2009
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