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The greatest of all arm workouts. Typically done on Friday and/or Saturday, the guido pump consists of fifteen to twenty sets of bicep tricep supersets. One should drink pre workout prior to a guido pump and throw on their smallest shirt immediately afterwards.
I did the guido pump last night, and was feeling juicy as fuck afterwards. My arms were hugging the sleeves so fucking tight.
by Condor February 02, 2017
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a foward thrusting motion of the arm in celebration for some gangsta ass shit. while arm thrusting is happening the word "guido pump" must be repeated over and over.
"that kid just got hit in the face with a muffin! GUIDO PUMP GUIDO PUMP"
by j quan October 03, 2006
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A way to express any awesomeness that a Guido might find awesome. Taking one's arm and thrusing it into the air with a closed fist many times in a row shouting GUIDO PUMP!!! This action originated on the Frog Bus of West Milford High School in West Milford, New Jersey.
HEY! Shane's on the bus! GUIDO PUMP!!!GUIDO PUMP!!! GUIDO PUMP!!! Hey Muffins, you suck! GUIDO PUMP!!! GUIDO PUMP!!! GUIDO PUMP!!!
by The Muffin Man2312313 October 01, 2006
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