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(n.) A person, usually female, who is under five feet tall, is of Filipino descent and has stunnigly good looks.

(v.) A pwnage.

(adj.) Awesome, wizard.
(n.) Have you ever noticed how much Guia resembles a Hobbit?

(v.) OH! You've just been Guia'd.

#awesome #wicked #lame #groovy #gravy #apple #apple head
by GinPidg April 27, 2009
an inner romantic female who is quick to love or to get angry. Guias are not typically confrontational, but will defend their friends when necessary. They typically are very pretty in one or two aspects, typically the eues or a curvaceous body. She talks to guys easily, but don't mistake her for a flirt, she is trying to fin her one true love.
wow, Guia likes you!
#curvy #funny #weird #pretty #romantic
by kuki1257 March 09, 2014
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