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Colombian slang for balls (testicles).
Me pican mucho las guevas.

My balls really itch
by Aida11 January 09, 2008
a dumbass and/or retard
ashley: do cats really have 9 lives??
mike: WATTT!?!?!
ashley: i guess not...
mike: QUE?...... (long silence)... GUEVAAA!!!

by puffinnnnnn August 23, 2007
Lazy, Laziness, being lazy.

Alternate forms of the word:

guevon (a guy who is lazy)
guevonada (a bunch of lazyness)
guevona (a girl who is lazy)
1. Estoy tirando gueva (I'm being lazy)

2. Tengo gueva (I'm feeling lazy)

3. Person1: Come with me to the store
Person2: Ughhhh no.
Person1: why not?
Person1: Es la gueva (it's the lazyness)

4. Person1: Come with me to the store
Person2: Ayy no, que gueva. (ugh no,
what lazyness).
by Pedro Tecate April 12, 2009
The word is used in Colombia to mean "balls", as in the male genetalia.
Juan no tiene las güevas para decírmelo en la cara.
by Conversaciones de la tertulia October 12, 2011
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