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The title "Guden" (in english "The God"), is often used about a person who is especially engaged, and/or gifted within a specific area, such as; athletichs, work, or if some part of ones anatomy distinguishes in a positive matter.

You have to earn the title "Guden", and the ceremony is often held under casual circumstances, by "Laksen" also known as, Haugianeren Trygva. "Laksen" is a selfdeclared "separatorGud", "lekkasjeGud", "dieselGud" and last but not least, "AVCATGud".

When you adress a person who is titled "Guden", you have to adress him/her with his/hers title, pronounced with the Haugesund dialect.
Sola is a coworker especially handy with the on-board F.O.separator:

Laksen: Sola, you are "Guden", "separatorGuden"!
by Hanse-bassen June 20, 2010
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