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greeting formal origin. German (Pfungstadt). Synonym for hello, hi, etc.
Human1: "Gude, whats up?!"
Human2: "Hi, nice to see you"
by Ian G. Knop January 03, 2005
16 7
Female grundle, the area between a females vagina and anus
"She had a hairy Gude.", or "Shut up gude face."
by anonymous January 26, 2003
24 14
When somthing good happens you say this
You see somone trip and fall in mud
"Guuude, Gude"
by Thai Stix October 16, 2008
5 4
The combination of gay and dude.
There sure are alot of gudes in Wrigleyville.
by mama c September 26, 2007
1 5
a combination between a girl and a dude
that thing or she man looks like a gude
by jon nourse March 19, 2005
10 14