Gucci is a place where women buy accessories for themselves. Usually niggas shop there for their big booty hoes then reward the nigga with a form of sexual activity. After the next day of meeting each other, the nigga leaves the hoe and she later finds out that she is pregnant. When her baby/babies(she could have twins) comes of age, they ask the hoe mother where their daddy is(most of their friends have daddys). Their mother says she doesn't remember. So her baby/babies are bastard(s) and the stereotype of black children not knowing who their father is, is approved.
Most big booty hoes go to Gucci.
by MasterKush906 May 26, 2013
a name that you can call a good freind, like saying baby or dude.
girl: hey what up gucci?
boy: just been chillen'.
by Kristen ayy December 10, 2009
Gucci is a term used across the whole of the British Army, usually when talking about a piece of expensive non-issue kit.
"Thats a gucci bit of kit you got there mate"
"Yer, much better than the issue crap"
by Geordie123 June 13, 2008
a) relating to a piece of rap music or aesthetic work that is of shoddy or poor quality because of the artist's apathy or laziness, originating from the rapper Gucci Mane: he just don't give a f***
That rap is so gucci.
That line was so gucci.
by mattrocksyoursocks March 23, 2009
A term/phrase to imply that something is good, or to the extent of being excellent.
More commonly used by cadets of 148 Barnsley sqn.
Sounds better when said in a Yorkshire accent. No other accent can pull it off really.
Often confuses those who aren't in the know when you say an item of clothing is Gucci. So my advice is don't say it around those people; they would think you were dense/illerate.
'That is one Gucci rifle!'
by Cas January 19, 2004
an adjective that describes anything that is really nice, ie top of the line
Wow, those new tampons are soo gucci!
by GOF April 25, 2004
The word that won Kevin the election for school Vice President at Wakefield High School.
Kevin on election video-"Wakefield, we have a world to win." **crumbles up paper and throws back arms** "GUCCI!!!"
by southarlingtoncracker July 01, 2009
used when something good happens
person 1: I just made some flame ass brownies for you.
person 2: gucci!
by etownsfinest February 03, 2008

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