(n) - A type of bake sale seen in Guatemala completely different from all other types of bake sales. Sometimes imported to the U.S.
Hey guys! Let's go to the Guatemalan bake sale!
by The Geographer January 04, 2005
Top Definition
1. (n) - a bake sale held exclusively in Guatemala, usually featuring traditionaly Guatemalan baked goods

2. (v) - to utterly destroy an opponent in verbal, physical, or electronic battle in a quick or excessively voilent manner

derived from the vigor with which Guatemalan women push their goods onto prospective consumers, and the aftermath that can result from over-zealous advertisment of said baked goods.
1. "I bought this delicious loaf of plantain bread at the Guatemalan bake sale.

2. "I've got 150 hydralisks and 100 zerglings all completely upgraded heading into your base, and they can all fly and are invisable."
"Whoa! I'm aboutta get Guatemalan bake selled (acceptable substitution = Guatemalan bake sold)"
by Silent Rip January 06, 2005
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