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This is a sexual act that is accomplished through the insertion of Guacamole, egg whites, and hot sauce being poured inside of a vagina, then to top it all off, you fuck whichever hole it is. Most commonly performed in the morning.
Daamn B, I hella got drunk and gave that bitch a Guatemalan Sunrise and shit yo!
by Mikey Fresh B February 03, 2011
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An appropriate way to awake your lady. After a long night of sweaty sex and she lays with a blissful look upon her face. You start at her chin dragging your genitals up her face until your balls cross her eyelids, lifting them and awakening her thus creating sunrise effect.
I gave my lady a Guatemalan Sunrise and saved myself a trip to Starbucks.
by Jsweet March 14, 2014
A method of assassinating a person or persons by throwing a hand grenade into the bedroom in the dead of night; thus, the last "sunrise" they see is the explosion of the grenade.
If I don't get my money, the last thing you and your family will see is the Guatemalan Sunrise.
by MrTouchdown April 06, 2010

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