1. (n) A girl or woman from the province of Guantánamo in Cuba.
2. (n) A girl or woman from the city of Guantánamo (located within Guantánamo Province, Cuba).
3. (n) A girl or woman from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba (before it became a naval base).
Guantánamera. Guajira Guantánamera. (Guantánamo Girl. Peasant Guantánamo Girl.) - lyrics to an old Cuban folk song made popular by Celia Cruz.
by Sean Kearney March 26, 2008
Top Definition
1) Pretty girl
2) A popular Spanish song
Standin at the bar, with a Cuban cigar. Guantanamera eyein' me from far!
by AndrewDriZzle September 04, 2007
A giant tomato, or at least a very big tomato.
Wow, that is one Guantanamera.
by The Dewey February 10, 2006

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