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Hottest man known to human-kind

damn good guy all around; sports, work ethic, looks, and personality.

He is knowledgable and easy to get a long with.

Completely polish and speaks English, Polish and German

Ideal guy

aka Gregory/Greg
Girl 1: Have you met my friend Grzegorz?
Girl 2:...?
Grzegorz: Hi, you can call me Greg =)
Girl 2: ^.^ <3
by happylikeholly November 02, 2009
51 12
A male of polish decent who can be found with a beer bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Is often drunk and smells of alcohol and cigarettes.
Will make a promise but never follows through.
To "Grzegorz" would mean to be drunk and smoking...or be in the act of purchasing beer or cigaretters.
He is such a "Grzegorz.
by Uber smart February 12, 2010
10 18