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Usually Refering To A Chubby Young Man With Quite An Appetite.
Jonathan: Look At That Gry
Nick: Oh Yeah! Yuck!
by Mission911 April 22, 2007
18 25
can mean anything you want it to mean.
What was wrong with Michael today? He was acting pretty gry.
by Jicannon February 27, 2005
58 46
it's an adjective for something good, great, or amazing
"HUMC Girls are GRY!"
by Bonita9 March 31, 2007
28 17
word used to substitute the word(s) Pot, marijuana, reefer, pothead, act of being high or enjoying smoking pot
Hey man, are you a gry guy? Or know where I can find gry?

I saw you all getting gry behind the any more?

Did you bring the gry? No man, I gried before I got here.

You can tell that kid is a gry guy...look at his eyes.
by Gryguy April 28, 2011
2 4
Refering To Any Chubby Young Man Mostly GRY comes from G=giant ry to sound like guy so Giant Guy or boy.
Look At That Gry!

Bystander: Eww
by mission911 April 27, 2007
8 23