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A neurological condition in which a patient suffers sporadic outbursts of anger starting in one's middle age.

Sufferers are known to be calm throughout their lives and never get angry until some time in their 40s thru 60s. This all ends with an outburst of verbal anger, typically directed against those known to the patient, in which victims feel threatened.

After first outburst, a few years will typically pass until the next outburst. Intervals between outbursts will divide in half from then on, until patient becomes unmanageable and must be institutionalized.

There is no known cure or treatment for this condition.

Not inherited, but occurs in white and black people, mostly those of Slavic, Mediterranean, and African descent, and never in Asians or Native Americans.
My brother had to be put in a nursing home because he had Gruv's Disease.
by Bed time May 25, 2010

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