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A state of being that occurs most typically in college students, or anyone with bad time management skills. The defining characteristic is a lack of time for shaving and/or bathing due to homework tasks to be completed during an all nighter, creating a grizzle on the face, and a proverbial crust.
Dude, I waited til last night to do that 15 page research essay. I was up all night and I'm hella Grusty right now.
by Joeman16 November 09, 2009
A combo of the words "Gross" and "Custy". NOT GRIMEY AND CUSTY.

A proper term, that is not offensive.
That slide, over there is so grusty!
by cware August 14, 2009
A combination of grimey and custy. full out grusty.
damn that hooker is grustyyyyyyy
by Jamierson March 26, 2009