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I've always used this word as "gross" + "chunky." I invented this word years ago to describe some nondescript cafeteria food. Looks like others invented a word with a similar definition.
"Honey, I appreciate you making your family's traditional prune and peanut habanero chili con carne yesterday, but the results were rather grunky."
by richpee November 01, 2007
Faces made of a single pile of sand. Pebbles, shells, sticks and seaweed are used to define facial features such as nose, eyes, mouth, ears, etc. Grunkies are meant to be a little grotesque. They are said to keep watch over swimmers and protect them from dangers, such as the undertoad.
Sean: Though we built three grunkies, you should still be careful of the undertoad.
by RedFieldsOfNone October 24, 2011
Groovy+Funky=Grunky, but sounds like something to describe sewage.
"Urgh..it's grunky."
by Rudiger October 01, 2005
Adj. looking like or dressing as a slovenly or homely older woman

resembling an ugly granny
Damn, nice panties girl. You so grunky!
by jupitergo September 06, 2006
Hillbilly name for a family matron (ie Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Mother in Law, etc.)
My Grunky beat the smack outta my Daddy for cheatin on Momma.
by DLERH June 02, 2006