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Dirty Nasty undies, bras panties etc,
Grungie Grundles smell really bad.

Ewwwwwwww look hes got on Grungie Grundles!!
Dang baby your Grungie Grundles are a major turn off.
by John's Grungie Grundlws smell! August 22, 2011
Dirty Underpants, Soiled Underwear, be it Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, high rise, low rise, cotton, rayon, or polyester, bras, braziers, over the shoulder boulder holders, double barrel slingshots.

Grungy Grundles is actually short for filthy grundlemires, as panties is short for underpants.
Get your Grungie Grundles off the bathroom floor.
by rainbowblueboy and mandabear June 06, 2011
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