A Person who does nothing but complain about everything and anything around them. They are usu. male and over the age of 55, they tend to have short tempers and rarely if ever smile
Peter is a frequent grumbler, He hates anything that isnt him.
#grumble #whine #complain #whinge #grumpy #old man #grandad #bad mood
by Pol Pothead August 17, 2012
Top Definition
Women or girls that have an unusual method of talking whereby the spoken words start in a normal clear voice and then are rolled to the back of the throat allowing a steady rumble or raspy sound to take over the words as if she were running out of air.
The trend is spreading accross the country much the way Valley girl speak did in the 1980's. You can hear grumblers on the radio, tv and the worst, is in person.
#rumbly voice #grumble #growl #grumbler #rumble
by Gad Noble October 21, 2010
To deficate in the toilet tank of an enemys toilet. Upon discovering the said turd, they say grrrrrrrrrrr, or they grumble.
Kelly was not happy when Don left her a grumbler.
#toilet #poop #crap #shit #deficate
by donniebaseball December 20, 2005
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