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The sound that every Buffyverse fan knows means the episode's over.

Also, a mocking noise made at overzealous Buffyverse fans.
So she got pissed about Spike and went "Grr! Argh!" like she was the Mutant Enemy monster.
by Ragna June 21, 2005
58 9

Words related to Grr! Argh!

1.) Exclamation of frustration or anger, often severe anger.

2.) Can also be used in a mocking way, as in "Get away from me!" In this manner, it is often accompanied by teasing "claw" hand gestures.

(Adapted from Mutant Enemy logo.)
1.) I *TOLD* my roommate to vacuum, and she *didn't* *Grr! Argh!*"

2.) "No more goofing around, I *have* to study--Go! Grr! Argh!"

by Aquila April 03, 2003
38 13
The reason I watch Buffy.
The monster at the end of Buffy makes the programme worth wasting thirty minutes of my life on.
by simelion February 07, 2005
17 46