aka, poop. Can be of any size, shape or form as long as it's not loose or soupy like diarrhea, cha cha cha, diarrhea.
aka, a Boston Red Sox fan
Hand me the ass wipe as I've got a growler on deck the size of Fenway.
by Seatthell February 14, 2006
When one has to take a really bad crap. It which case causing one to growl. It normally is followed by a bad smell and toilet stains.
-Whats going on in there?
Its a Growler!!!!
secs. laters Peewww what the hell man I said turn on the fan!!
by Derek "Nasty Boy" Miller October 27, 2006
A shit that is big and when flushing it seems like it will go down good but then a couple minutes later it re-appears at the bottom of the toilet almost growling back at you.
After my sister was done in the bathroom I entered to see a huge growler sitting at the bottom of the toilet.
by j4m3z420 March 01, 2005
I held it for so long, I finally had to drop a growler.
by yoink January 20, 2003

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