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A small white trash and generally ghetto town in the 409, squeezed between beaumont and port arthur, texas.
Boudreaux: I'm goin' to a kegger in groves, tx. i heard they were gonna be fixin up some crawfish.

Thibodeaux: Aww shit, i aint goin. CajunMexicanConnection is gonna be there.
by CPREZ81 October 11, 2009
a south east texas town full of mostly ederly people in texas experiencing white flight due to the overpouring gangs, trash, crimes, and violence of Port Arthur.
Jamal: Lets go to Groves, TX and steal riding lawn mowers out of old peoples houses!
LaTonya: You so trill Jamal lets have babies and you can leave so i can get on food stamps!
by n!ggaplz February 17, 2011