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home to some of the best people you will ever meet.
The students of Grove City College are boss
by tods May 01, 2011
GCC is a small liberal arts college that's totally an "ivy of a different league".

Grove City College: Rigorous Academics. Authentically Christian. Amazing Value.
I go to Grove City College. It's totally an ivy of a different league. I love it there. The students and profs are just awesome!
by godlygal October 14, 2009
Weirdest, most inconsiderate, assholes in western Pennsylvania. Able to spot a GCC student by simply finding the people suffocating on their own asshole.
James: Hey man, i go to Grove City College! Do you love jesus as much as i pretend i do?
Steven: Get away from me you pretentious assfuck
by Biblebasher245 December 11, 2013