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Those people you always see studying in the hallways at school. Often found in large groups of people (called a clique) ,and normally seen reading, working with a laptop, or other electronic device, in front of, or near their locker's.

These people will often not give you their full attention if called upon
Ben: Hey what's up?

Ken: Just a second... (Finishes writing) Oh - uh, just studying for my test later today.

Ben: Oh. That's uh, cool. Wanna walk with me over to Timmies (Canadian Coffee shop)

Ken: Nah, bro. Sorry. Maybe another time? I really need to study.

Ben: Fine, go join the Ground People. Be a dumbass.

Ken: Nah bro. You're the dumbass. I'm the one that's gonna pass bro!
by BrendanRaguss January 24, 2011