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Groovsters came about because hipsters are too mainstream. Groovsters make very ambiguous/vague references that only other groovsters would understand. They never actually say any names, places, or descriptions that would allow for a non-groovster to understand the reference. Groovsters don't have a uniform style of clothing because that is too main stream. You can only figure out if someone is a groovster if you already know for a fact that they are one.

Groovsters are so non-mainstream that if normal fish are mainstream, and salmon are hipsters, then groovsters would be that one thing by the stuff.
Groovster #1: "Duuuuuuude!! This is totally like that one thing from that one movie!!"
Groovster #2: "You mean that one with that one chick who did that thing at the place???"
Groovster #1: "YEA!!"
Groovster #2: "Totalllyyy."
Non-Groovster: "....Da fuck are you talking about?"
by groovster#1 May 16, 2013

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