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Groovemeister, found on the now closed down "fat-pie" forums of David Firth(Creator of salad fingers), and later the "Fet-paj" forums of Joakim Danung. Groovemeister is an irritable character. A "fat-backed retard" some may say. Also, this subject has aspergers and is prone to bouts of anger due to his inability to socially interact, and is known to over analyise posts by using many quotes and general rants, deemed tl;dr.
Hey guys, i've got aspergers and a fat back. Am I cool or what?

Shut the fuck up groovemeister!
by Mozzbop April 30, 2006
A annoying man (meister) who thinks he can groove (dance). Also used for the same effect is "potato head"
Me: Cor look at that Groovemeister.
Friend: aye what a potato head.
Groovemeister: TBH IMO its not my fauly. IMHO you should STFU TBH
by baaaapz September 19, 2006
ub3r 1337.
pwns all.
will rip your ass to shreds from its huge manhood.
that is all
the one and only groovemeister rules you all
by rachel February 02, 2005
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