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To act with recklessly and dangerously.

To be shortsighted and of rash judgement.
Man, you were groomin it really bad by daring that guy to cockslap you.

We were groomin it in his car so bad I thought we'd hit a deli.

Guy1: Dude, you have cum on your face.
Guy2: I don't know if he was tested.
Guy1: That's gross. Why you have to be Groomin it so much?
by KevFox21 March 19, 2006
1.To act in a rash and shortsighted way, typically pushing ones luck without reason.
2.To drive recklessly while already having a bad record.
1. You were really groomin it when you dared that kid to cockslap you.

2.Dude, you were groomin it so bad I thought we'd hit a deli.
by KevFox21 March 15, 2006

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