A deadshit, a suck-up, a person who has nothing going for them, a person who refuses to face reality, a bludger or a scab, a pretentious person, a rich mummy's or daddy's boy, a stupid person, a dense person or one who does not care about the opinion of others, when they are right.

Originated in Lane Cove Shops, Sydney in the late 90s and spread rapidly...

People who are up themselves. Snob businessmen.

Lads; ad lays (pig latin).

Teenage kids who refuse to grow up and cant see past there own hard cunt attitudes.

A person who does not care about themselves enough and has low self esteem.

Stupidity for the sake of a non-humorous laugh, usually between close mates; a dickhead.

Dense; someone who does not get it!

Lane Cove Slang.
"Look at that gronk lad scabbing cigarettes for spin - what a deadshit!"


"Can I borrow some money?"

"You never pay me back"

"I will this time... I promise man..."

"Fuck off gronk!"
by johnnygun August 21, 2009
An ugly girl, slut or bitch
Check out that gronk; thats the gronk that ...... took home last night. F*%k off, your a Gronk. this place is full of Gronks
by Luke Cameron February 13, 2007
A guy that lets anyone and everyone bend him over and use him as their "girlfriend" in prison
Dave: "Fuck I'm horney. Wish I wasn't in prison. I NEED a woman!"
Joe: "No problem mate, just fuck Andy...he's a gronk."
by noneXistant August 19, 2006
A big, tall, hardcore-looking guy who usually stands with his arms crossed and his mouth slightly opened. He should also have a low voice and is often judged as overbearing or intimidating.

A gronk will usually hold a lot of anger. During the times when his anger is released, it should be called "raging gronk anger" or "wrath of gronk".

Gronks are mad attractive to the ladies.
"Look at that guy Rob, he is such a gronk."
by pennies December 17, 2004
A complete idiot that makes noises that sound like "GRONK" they are often hunchbacked and snaggle toothed victims of broompa-loompas
did you see that ugly gronk get brroooOOOOMMPed by that broompa-loompa?
by Soothsayer December 01, 2003
Gronk is a comical creature that lives in an other dimension. Atleast two Gronks have visited our dimension.
Gronk has its mouth almost always open. Most propably it makes oOOoooO-OOoOo-o-OOOoooo sound all the time.
by Petri Pelkonen November 13, 2003
1. Person who enjoys alternitave music.
2. Person who is NOT a jock fag.
3. Person who screwed j0r mudda.
Those gronks, They rock pretty hard!
by GRONKER November 22, 2003
An idiot who rocks himself or loses an argument that was fought whole-heartedly until the poor gronk comes to realisation of his or her assiness and shuts the fuck up.
The gronks live among us, living like the rest of us, in complete satisfaction. They don't even know they're gronks.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 23, 2003

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