1. To clear the state of a wedged device and restart it

2. To cut, sever, smash, or similarly disable.

3. The sound made by many 3.5-inch diskette drives.
I'm gonna Gronk you up!
by Haxor November 21, 2002
A big, tall, hardcore-looking guy who usually stands with his arms crossed and his mouth slightly opened. He should also have a low voice and is often judged as overbearing or intimidating.

A gronk will usually hold a lot of anger. During the times when his anger is released, it should be called "raging gronk anger" or "wrath of gronk".

Gronks are mad attractive to the ladies.
"Look at that guy Rob, he is such a gronk."
by pennies December 17, 2004
I have to take a gronk.
I just gronked in your toilet.
by pekka head October 14, 2003
A guy that lets anyone and everyone bend him over and use him as their "girlfriend" in prison
Dave: "Fuck I'm horney. Wish I wasn't in prison. I NEED a woman!"
Joe: "No problem mate, just fuck Andy...he's a gronk."
by noneXistant August 19, 2006
Someone who cannot walk in a straight line without tripping over his freakishly large feet making worse the fact that when his face hits the ground his enormous buck teeth scrape the ground letting out a hideous high pitch scraping sound
"A cute cuddly bunny rabbit = Gronk"
by Marikah August 30, 2005
Some one who is tall and fat, they smell all the time and never have any money.
"hey man can yo buy my lunch? i left my wallet in the car, i swear to go i will pay you back man!"
by Holley November 01, 2003
An ugly girl, slut or bitch
Check out that gronk; thats the gronk that ...... took home last night. F*%k off, your a Gronk. this place is full of Gronks
by Luke Cameron February 13, 2007
A complete idiot that makes noises that sound like "GRONK" they are often hunchbacked and snaggle toothed victims of broompa-loompas
did you see that ugly gronk get brroooOOOOMMPed by that broompa-loompa?
by Soothsayer December 01, 2003
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