1. To clear the state of a wedged device and restart it

2. To cut, sever, smash, or similarly disable.

3. The sound made by many 3.5-inch diskette drives.
I'm gonna Gronk you up!
by Haxor November 21, 2002
is a dumm cunt, or a geek that thinks he is hard cunt
that guy is a fucken gronk
by HOSSAM August 22, 2003
the last turn on a bolt or nut, so as to insure it will not come loose.
Noun: Okay, make sure you give those lug nuts a good gronk.

Verb: Gronk on those bolts so they don't vibrate loose.
by teacherdude32 August 04, 2009
a drunk gone wrong.
A gronk is a man who misbehaves badly, when intoxicated.
Gronk a coal miner with a meanstreak.

by wastar April 04, 2009
An affectionate terminology used by correctional officers to describe or address their clients.
Look at that crim what a gronk

Come over here you gronk
by roger3legs March 03, 2011
a male version of a skank; "one who gets around"
"look at that gronk, that's the fourth chick he's made out with tonight"
by Trav the Gronk February 20, 2006
an australian term or defininition meaning best friends, lets help each other out anytime, all the time, bros before hoes kinda shieet, not many ppl know this meaning, cos its special like-ED, and its cooler than most ppl think, no need for special handshakes, or slaps, its a seventh sense, cos seven is lucky like that! u know ur there for each other, esp trying to get him/her a gf/bf, u do what it takes, its like playing for the championship. gronk is the new word, should only be used sparingly, and on very rare special once in a lifetime friendships.
yo mooks, were such gronks aye bro, cant believe you took me to churros today, u the fkn best!, all good bro, cos im sik kent, maybe u can put a good word in for to ur cuz u gronk!
leese: no worries bro ill tell her ur sucha nice kent, and thats why were full time gronks!
by mooks69er November 13, 2011
Only to be used as a non-derogatory term towards someone meaning they're a fool, or embarass you in public.
*Haylee starts 'dancing' or 'shaking her fists' in a style to emphasise the genre of music (hardcore) in which she is listening to. Bestfriend sits next to her.
"Omg Haylee, you're such a gronk"
by Mellykins January 01, 2008
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