A person that is the mix between a gronk and the website www.google.com. This person is full of useless information and doesnt know anything about relevent events.
Sam: "How do you make cheese?"
Grongle: "Swiss cheese has holes in it"

Bob: "... and then i went to sleep."
Grongle: "The Diameter of jupiter is 1.3 times ten to the power of six."
by Potato Chip February 10, 2004
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Top Definition
An inflamation where the right testicle hangs lower than the left. Discovered by Aleski Grongle and researched heavily by the infamous, Dr. Grongles!
Holy crap! That guy's got the Grongles!


Looks like the Grongles, boys.
by Nial Giacomelli September 10, 2004

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