To grong, is to be spaced out, warped, tired. Most commonly refered to canabis smokers.
"Are you gronging?"
"I gronged out."
by Peter November 09, 2004
Top Definition
A combination of the words grim and wrong. Gross and inappropriate.
Eat this moldy cheese? Now thats just grong!
by Tacokrom January 28, 2005
A joining of the two words 'Gross' and 'Wrong' to create Grong.
OMG that s*#t is totally Grong!!
by Orgetful June 06, 2010
when a swimming pool gets dirty
the swimming pool got grong today with overload of people
by krasher February 15, 2014
Grong is a mix between the word gross and wrong. It describes the Discustingness of something or someone.
omg Anthony just kissed another guy, that is SOOOO grong!
by Word Creatoe 09 :) May 01, 2009
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