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Another way to say gross.
You just ate your own shit. That's totally grodie
by MaryOfNazareth September 01, 2004
A common misspelling of grody.

Grody meaning nasty, gross, disgusting, etc.
Did you see that kid puke? Grodie!

Spelled Correctly:
Did you see that kid puke? Grody!
by GreenWithEnvy July 07, 2006
Dirty, nasty, filthy and/or covered with grime, grit and other unfavorable substances. Can be referred to a person or object.
"You're too grodie to get into bed, clean yourself."
"Don't put that in your mouth, it's grodie!"

Pronounced "grow-dee"
by Evisma November 20, 2010
same thing as saying gross or nasty
~someone picking thier nose~
natalie:ewww ang look at wade picking his nose!

Natalie:i think he just ate it
by guedelupe January 25, 2005
Dirty,nasty, broke, strug.
Dude, Thats Grodie
by Nathan Harvey January 15, 2004
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