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The best dip you can buy. Ya, it's cheap. Skoal is usually preferred by most, but hell Grizzly gives me a better buzz. Almost tastes the same, but Grizzly is cheaper and stronger. I love a dip of Grizzly Wintergreen! (I got some in right now!)
Me: Ima throw in a dip!
Person: Doesn't that taste like shit?
Me: Hell no! It's great and it gives ya a buzz!
Person: Let me try some!
*Person takes a dip, 20 seconds later...*
Person: Dude... everything is fucking spinning
Me: Grizzly Wintergreen, bro!
by WC3 Pwner September 29, 2007
Grizzly wintergreen, also known as the welfare bear, a delicious low budget dip that has an excellent buzz. Grizzly chewing tabacco contains a "full lid" unlike Copenhagen chewing tabacco products. For the prince you pay, nothing comes close!
Guy 1- Hey, whatcha dippin'?

Guy 2- Skoal shitrus!

Guy1- Dont dip that garbage, if you ain't spittin' black get your panties out ya crack! Grab some grizzly wintergreen and throw in a hog leg!
by Throwinahogleg January 05, 2014