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Similar to a Kitten Mitten but instead of being soft and silky it is comprised of very coarse bear, badger or bulldog pelt and a tanned lining of grizzly skin or innards. Grizzly Gloves are known all over the world for providing its wearers intense Grizzly powers. These powers include but are certainly not limited to the ability to hibernate, grizzly leg strength, salmon catching skills and mauling ability TOP SCORE. Minor drawbacks to the prolonged use of Grizzly Gloves are a predisposition to honey addiction, intense fear of forest fires and sudden uncontrollable urges to pilfer picnic baskets.
Bree: Travis! Trim those fingernails of yours! And while you're at it why don't you clean the dirt out from under them!

Travis: Kitten, those aren't my fingernails. These are my Grizzly Gloves. And that's not dirt. It's the blood of insurgents.
by Honey Bree July 21, 2010
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