Verb - a sexual act in which a female pleasures a male, and right before the act of ejaculation, the woman slaps the head of the penis as physically hard as possible.

On the 30th episode of the Chris Gethard Show, entitled "The Night of Zero Laughs III", Grizz Chapman from 30 Rock was a guest star. Regular guest Shannon O'Neil was also in tow for the episode, who is considered the co-creator of above term. Anthony Atamanuik was also guest starring on the episode, arriving late to the scene, and has ended up sharing the title of co-creator. It should also be noted he is also a 30 Rock Alum.

The main topic of "The Night of Zero Laughs III" was anyone who called into the show was challenged to make members of the cast laugh. Upon laughing, they were to be removed immediately from the stage where the camera's were recording, and their input was censored for the rest of the broadcast.
Various guest members were attempting to get Grizz to laugh, in order to boot him off the program.

About three fourths of the way through the episode, a caller explained her affection of Chris Gethard's newly released book, "A Bad Idea I'm About to Do". In doing so, she also claimed his life to be pathetic, at which point Shannon O'Neil explain the caller's compliment was like "...stroking him of, and then slapping the tip of his dick."
At this point, Anthony Atamanuik chimed in, "...yeah and thats called a Grizz!"
Everything was going fine dude... I managed to convince her to go to third base, but she pulled a Grizz at the last minute.

I thought she was gonna give me birthday sex, bro! But it turns out she had a Grizz planned the whole time!

She fuckin' Grizz'd me!
by schreibenstein January 23, 2012
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Grizz is a well known member of the Youtube Call of Duty community. He is well known for his "Matrix" montages.
These montages include various trickshots and multi-kills, mostly ending with his team-mates chanting "ohh ohh ohh, how did he do that?!?!!?".
You aint GRIZZ baby.
by iboffalot September 12, 2010
The shortened form of the chewing tobacco Grizzly
When need to go down to 711 and get some Grizz
by caleb cox October 11, 2007
Jizz combined with Grillz... basically, ejaculating on the teeth. The noun would mean the actual substance on the teeth.
1. Aw man she had hecka nasty teeth so i made them all white by grizzin' on dat shit

2. This perv thought I had nasty teeth, so now they're covered in grizz!
by S Dowg Foteezi April 17, 2006
Verb. To hookup with a girl, likely involving sex.
Dude what are you up to?
Just trying to get a grizz with that dime over there.
Get it in chief
by Jakey o December 08, 2013
A hairy pussy; A vaginal bush.
"She's hot, but she has a grizz, so im not touching that"grizz hairy unshaven aumish bush
by ForceBreaker January 12, 2015
Someone who likes to control the conversation, and pretends to have extensive knowledge on any, and all subjects.
Dood don't interrupt my conversation, you're such a GRIZZ!
by XxX Dood XxX June 20, 2011

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