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Fornicating with extraterrestrials.

The process involves a human placing his or her hand, palm side out, into an aliens hand, interlocking the fingers. Once the connection has been made, the human receives the greatest form of ecstasy circulating throughout the entire body. The grip recipient usually levitates 4 - 10 inches off the ground and displays an intense glow, varying in colors. Those who grip almost always ejaculate immediately and continues to orgasm even though the human runs out of semen

Get gripped!!
Guys, I think I'm going to try and grip tonight..
I'm going to hang out by the edge of the forest in hopes of getting gripped.
I'm getting wounds on my hands from gripping too often...
by NosG September 14, 2010
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The process of finding eroticism in the more innocent every-day relationship intimacies of others, for example couples kissing or holding hands or sharing a joke.

Specifically, Gripping is the action of masturbating over these moments. The person is henceforth known as a 'Gripper'.

Incidents of Gripping increase during particularly prolonged barren spells, without sexual contract from another human being.

This term 'Gripper' is particularly offensive to Worcestershire-based woodwork teachers.
Pam and Trevor's wedding was tarnished by Teddy "Gripping" thoroughout the service.

Oi - wanker!.... Who called me Gripper!?
by Quelmo Rodriguez May 07, 2011
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To choke or lose control; lose your grip on an object or situation; scared.
When LeBron got to the free throw line with the game hanging by a thread, he was gripping and shot a brick.
by dericolsen March 17, 2009
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to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other spritual sources such as angels or demons

going insane for no apparent reason
im so gripped after that doobie

my mom was gripping bad after she found my stash

the priests at church always grip out about abortion

this guy at the bar gripped out when i railed his girl in the back room
by tcomplex October 25, 2005
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After ordering a soft drink from a fast food restaurant (preferably drive thru), you squeeze the drink they hand to you while they are still holding it, causing the drink to spill all over their hand.

Inevitable results: the worker has an even shittier day because not only do they have a shitty job but they also can't kill the people who did this to them.
"yo im bouta do the gripping at this mcdonalds and put it on youtube"

"word do it up. just dont get killed"

*pulls up to drive thru worker* *grips*

*gets shot in the head*
"I had to do it!!" - Lil B (mcdonalds worker)
by Im High on Crackk July 31, 2011
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