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1) To whine or complain.

2) A problem with something/someone.
1) Will you quit griping about your test grade? You should have studied!

2) I have a legitimate gripe with that left-hander who always uses right-hnaded scissors.
by Diggity Monkeez February 18, 2005
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To suffer from intestinal discomfort. Also known as gutrot or gut rot. Can be treated with plenty of water and replacement salts to ensure no dehydration occurs from the common side effect - the shits.

The term is most commonly used in the North West of England around Manchester and Lancashire. Predominantly by the older generation who are less likely to use the more common vulgar terms in use by modern society.
"Christ - I've got the gripe!!"

"I can tell am gonna be shitting through the eye of a needle later - I've got the gripe."
by Doug B October 17, 2006
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A large white male that likes to abuse opposition players at Rival football matches. Often dressed in White cloth, Robes or Garments.
Rival Player "Can someone get that ball please"
Gripe " Not a chance you Shinner Fenian Bastard!"
Rival Player "Leave me Alone! I wasn't talking to you, You Big Gripe!"
via giphy
by Shanelovdahoop15 March 23, 2017
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To "Gripe" is to extensively complain about something!
"Oi, Lesbian - Stop griping that the bars' full of gay men!"
by Andi July 14, 2004
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girls in their prime age 12-14 (lol)
Girls who will go with an older guy just because hes older
Lets go to the movies to find that friday night gripe
by chris f baby March 15, 2008
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To heart Amee "A." L. Gronczewski with ones heart.
I gripes Amee "A." L. Gronchzewski muy bien.
by joe December 13, 2004
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