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The Grinch Grin is a very rare kind of smile which only special persons (specified to individuals belonging to male population) have the blessing of having. This adorable yet super, super sexy and spicy smile leaves ladies weak in the knees and an insane increase in heart palpitations. So far today, we have met very few males with this rare sexy smile. However, research demonstrates that males blessed with this smile are usually very tall in height, extremely sexy, incredibly charming, have gorgeous features, a super luscious physique and a completely awesome personality. So far, there has only been one male detected in Australasia with the Grinch Grin and the word says that he is one hell of a gorgeous Grinch Grinner.
Trisha: My my... look at that Grin... its so rare... its so sexy!
Lisha: Oh honey... mmm mmm... that Grin gonna take ya knees to the floor
Tisha: Sure thang lady friend. I think it must be the Grinch Grin.

*both drop to the ground and the same time... heart palpitations also experienced*
by grinchies May 31, 2010
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