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A Grimmis is that fat purple shit that hangs with the hamburgler.
"Holy cow mommy, did you see that fat purple shit?"

"Yes, thats a grimmis, he chills with the hamburgler"

"Grimmis looks like a oval mommy, i'm scared lets never get another happy meal again"
by Mason Beveridge June 14, 2004
A really ugly muther fucker
"lol did u c that ugly bastard, wut a grimmis"
by PrIzM May 06, 2003
when something is very cool or very tuff
your car is grimmi
by Maria June 21, 2003
Word used to describe a positive outcome.
"That movie was grimmis." "That was a grimmis football game!" "Dinner was grimmis!"
by Mx13 January 10, 2010