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1. To blaze a cone of marijuana or to have a 'session' with friends.
2. To be 'grilled' is to be really high.
3. To get grilled or grill someone is to burn, dis', insult or badmouth them.
4. Means to get in trouble from an authority figure (police, parents, teacher).
1. "I'm not really that wacked anymore. Let's go for a grill."
2. "Man, I'm so fucking grilled right now! Way too fucken high!"
3. "We all grilled him when we found out he had a 'micro penis'."
4. "The police will grill you if they catch you importing drugs from HK."
by Diego August 25, 2003
17 52
1. One's personal business
2. One's teeth/smile
Why you all up in my grill, fool?
Damn boy, youre gonna get knocked in the grill.
Youre hella grillin!
by Yebeka December 19, 1999
2718 809
An oral insert which can tend to cause cold fronts when deep breaths are taken in through the mouth, as well as creating a disco ball type apperance of the orafice. May cause hood rats to constantly ask to see your grill, yeah, yeah, your grill. Also, by wearing a grill you may encounter side effects such as being a white southern rapper who has no musical credit or respect, or finding yourself making idiotic items of clothing (i.e. shirts with your picture on it) and being an overall d-bag. (see Female Hygiene)
What the fuck is that thing in your mouth? A what? A grill? Thats the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen. I hate you and I hope you die.
by Forman, George March 06, 2006
795 281
1- Teeth
2-A gold/diamond plate that is molded for your teeth. It is decorated with diamonds and/or gold.
Usually worn by rappers: Nelly, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and many others.

1- Yoo, you clean your grill everyday homie?! they is pure white!

2- How much did ya grill cost?
by arsafras November 30, 2005
558 196
1. The front end of yo whip
2.Your teeth
3. your personal buisness
4. A metal covering for your teeth often adorned with colored diamonds
5. A place to cook meat in your back yard
6. Verb: to quiz or question someone
i got me a platinum grill on my impala
by Sonny & Cher (whities) January 16, 2006
439 171
another word for fronts which are removable gold or platinum teeth that go over top or your real teeth
I'm from tha Dirty South, best believe u gonna see a gold grill when u look in my mouth!
by Dirty November 29, 2004
210 49
a glorified retainer
why are you all up in my grill when you havent even been invited to the barbeque?
by senizzle August 11, 2006
247 143
An iced out retainer
my teath are mind blowin givin' everybody chillz
call me George Foreman cuz' im sellin everybody grillz
by Cardone April 05, 2006
147 98