To shit yourself in front of all of your friends and try to asses the situation.
While at nelsons ledges, my friend griffed himself and then hid the whole next day in a van with poo on his leg.
by concerned friend from nlqp 1 September 30, 2009
Look up the word biff

1. griff stems from the word biff meaning large spliff/marijuana cigarette

2. also stems from back to the future movies biff and griff being part of the tannen family at different times in history. Griff was the younger son of biff but a lot meaner than his father before

hence the word griff meaning shorter stronger version of a biff but gets u even more mashed...usually rolled with three king skins 'magic carpet' style
after writing this i think i fancy lighting up a big fat griff!
by cheddar bob 333 April 11, 2007
A female of Asian origin.
Typically a brunette with many facial piercings.
A complete and utter downs syndrome child.
Tends to enjoy sitting on her own and drinking cups of tea.
Usually comes complete with a flat pack willy of twenty-four inches.
But, all in all a slightly awesome specimen.
That Griff, has invaded my country!

Griff enjoyed egg fwied wice and pwarn cwackers. :)
by HAHAHAHAtnl November 30, 2010
preston,lancashire,England,slang for a raly big realy ugly guy!
"Fuckin Hell that guy looks like a reet Griff"
by mike January 05, 2004
Teenager boy who is subject to anal sex with obese older men.
Griff is satisfying the needs of the gentlemen next door.
My uncle's friends from Kentucky had a great time with Griff.
by FragMan! February 04, 2008
the most ghetto and tallest kid ever, who loves to bang bitches without rubbers. and he dont play dat shit, ya heard me. detriot what
That griff heft characters is a mother fuckin trick.
by jack loves to whack November 27, 2004
An idiot or foolish person
Paul just spilled his drink, “What a griff”
by Eddy Joseph May 28, 2005

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