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The act of purchasing a non refundable bus ticket and shipping a crazy person that the mental institution does not want across state lines into another mental institution's catchment area. They see to it he gets on the bus then they pray that he actually makes it out of state before he messes up again.

This is done so as not to mess the institutions statistics up. If he makes it across state lines he is counted as "cured" If he messes up across state lines he is somebody else's problem.

Problem mental patients cam mess up an institutions stats very badly in this era where everything must look good on paper. Some of the direct care workers may have a "Thank God and Greyhound He's Gone" party if he successfully gets across state lines. Unofficially of course.
Old Tim was a problem mental patient. He got tired of beating up on aides and nurses and decided to go for bigger game. So he went to the social worker and told her that her pussy stunk.

The social worker decided it was time for some Greyhound Therapy for Tim. Once Tim was gone she got a couple of the aides fired for allowing Tim to say such a thing to her.
by OneWhoKnowsBetter February 05, 2012
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