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When a person, male or female, engages in sexual intercourse or love making, with that of an older person. The older person would have to have Cougar/MILF/Old Dude status in order for the Grey Belt to be valid. The degree (I,II,III) of Grey Belt is determined by a panel of peers upon visual recognition of the older partner. A 1st degree Grey belt would consist of light Greying of the hair, usually covered with hair dye by Cougars. A 3rd degree would correspond to a full head of Grey Hair, and cannot be obstructed by dye i.e. the women cannot have dyed hair. Once all degrees are obtained, and are confirmed by a panel of peers, the individual will be recognized as a master and be granted the Titanium Belt and be known as Hey-zeus.
Melinda had premious sex with a man 10 years older than her. This man had half a head of Grey hair, and to her surprise she was granted the II-degree Grey belt by her peers.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004