A very nice person that is nice to people. She goes to a great school. But she love someone named Nicholas the most<3
Wow! you so Greta today!
by Gryeta February 07, 2010
To be extensively outragous and egocentric, often overly confident, melodramatic, and histrionic.
Wow, you're so Greta today!
by JaneyDoey May 04, 2006
A term commonly used in Northern England to describe a whorish/slutty girl.

Similar to the Australian term 'ganga'.
That greta is my grandma.
by Chi-Chi-22 July 28, 2011
bithchy catholic school student or resident of cape cod
your such a greta
that is as petedic as a greta
way to pull a greta
by a weeks May 16, 2008
Basically a dumb hoe-ish girl that loves the attention of any attractive male. She would do anything for a hookup because she has no self-esteem or morals. Very Ugly and Fat, also. Dresses very oddly, and not very smart
"why is she dancing so much?"
"because she's a greta."
by HiMyNameIsLauren312 November 01, 2009

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